Message From The Head of Department

Dear Students:

On behalf of The Department of Economics, I am delighted to welcome our new and continuing students to the 2017/2018 academic year. Every year brings new opportunities for academic and personal development and we look forward to encouraging you along this exciting journey of learning and discovery.

As students, you are the core of our campus community, and the motivation of our Department. You are part of a proud Economics family that includes countless distinguished alumni, some of whom have won prestigious awards and others who are recognized internationally and this continues to affirm that the Department of Economics is an elite Department under the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Guyana.

Very essential to the Department’s mission is the free and open exchange of ideas. With a student body of approximately 200 students and an active student society, we encourage you to learn from each other and the variety of perspectives represented in our diverse campus community. We ask of you therefore, to join with us in preserving the values we cherish as an academic institution which includes fostering an atmosphere that is respectful, supportive, and welcoming to all.

Again, we welcome you to campus and look forward to meeting you. We are proud to have you with us and we hope your experience on the campus will be exciting and enriching. Please do have a wonderful year!

Best wishes,
Mr. Sydney Armstrong
Head of Department, Department of Economics