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Welcome to the University of Guyana and the Department of Government and International Affairs! We offer two programmes in this department. Namely, the Diploma and Degree in Public Management and the Degree in International Relations. Students are exposed to courses in Politics, Governance, Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Research as well as Diplomacy and International Negotiations, Foreign Trade, Ethics and International Relations and a Foreign Language.

Both the practical and theoretical components of our courses give students valuable and transferrable skills (decision making, negotiation, team building, research, critical thinking)

In terms of career, because Public Management covers a number of areas, students can branch off into any field in non-profit or government organisations. Students studying International Relations can also be found in International Business, Academia, Government and NGOs.

The department welcomes you and wishes that as you begin your university studies, you will start working hard and SMART.

Ensure that you always ask the right persons, the right questions.

A productive two or four years study to you all!


Donna Mc Kinnon

Head, Department of Government and International Affairs


Contact: (592)2223575