Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences. Thanks for visiting us, and I hope that we can be of some assistance to you. I am Dean of the Faculty, Hector Edwards. Social Sciences is the largest Faculty at the University of Guyana, consisting of five (5) departments: Communication Studies, Economics, Government and International Affairs, Law, and Sociology. We are proud of our graduates who have progressed to hold various positions in the Public and Private sectors over the years. Our training takes into account the many challenges that persons have to encounter in life. We have a very diverse and vibrant faculty eager to help as you develop in pursue of your dreams. 

A new era is ahead of us, which we must be thankful for. The years offer much, but to realize the opportunities we must look ahead with great expectations and remember that our success is only possible if we believe in ourselves, and allow God to guide us. The future will provide us with many challenges. However, we must not see it as a burden on our shoulders, but instead a springboard under our feet. There will be many rewards for those who persevere. There will be doubts at times, but do not give up, since it will take strong minds to accomplish the joy and happiness that each of us deserve.

You deserve the opportunities ahead of you, so grasp them with your whole heart and mind. This era will not come again, do the best you can, so that you and others will be pleased with your accomplishments. The future is yours, the start of a glorious journey. Remember when it all started as you unfold your potential. May your journey be inspiring and your destination rewarding. The world is at your feet, have the courage to take it. Have a fulfilling future, and may this be the beginning of your great journey to success.

Mr. Hector Edwards
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences


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