Isaiah Gangadeen
Lecturer I
Department of Economics


Holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Economics (Distinction) from the University of Guyana and a Master of Science degree in Development Economics and Policy from the University of Manchester. He joined the department of Economics in 2021. Prior to joining the University he served as an Economic and Financial Analyst with the Ministry of Finance and Economist with the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce. He is currently pursuing doctoral studies in Energy and Environmental Policy at the University of Delaware.

Academic papers 

Gangadeen, I. 2020. An Unbundling of the Role of the Manufacturing Sector Growth and the Determinants of Industrialisation in Latin America and The Caribbean. MSc. Development Economics and Policy MSc. Dissertation

Works in Progress

  1. Shah, K.U.; Gangadeen, I. 2023. “Integrating Bioplastics into the US Plastics Supply Chain: Towards a Research Agenda for the Bioplastic Transition”

  2. Shah, K.U.; Gangadeen, I. 2023. “Early-Stage Corporate Perceptions of ESG market expectations for Firms doing Business in the Caribbean Region”

  3. Shah, K.U.; Gangadeen, I. 2023. “Assessing the Future of the Plastic Industry in the Context of the Energy Transition”