Mrs. Debbie Hopkinson
Lecturer I
Department of Sociology


Debbie Hopkinson is a National Professional Social Work Consultant, Educator, Mentor, Guidance and Counselor, Parenting and Human Services Leadership Trainer. Debbie received her Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of the West Indies in (2017). She obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (2012) and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Social Work with distinction from the University of Guyana (2009). Debbie’s passion and focus of her research is parents and families. This has led her to research parenting styles and the connection it has to wayward behaviors in children. Debbie is a strong advocate for positive parenting and healthy families. Therefore, she has pioneered training programs in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security with parents in several regions of Guyana to build the capacities of parents to improve their parenting styles and to encourage healthy parent- children relationships. She has also worked on many projects involving juveniles, children and families in distress, reintegration of children into families from residential care and community development.

Debbie, is confident that her career in Social Work is divinely ordained. She loves and enjoys her call to educate and empower students with the knowledge and skillsets to be competent professional Social Workers. Mrs. Hopkinson is the current Postgraduate Coordinator within the department of Sociology, Social Work Unit. Her teaching assignments for the academic year 2021-2022 are: DSW3107: Sociology of Punishment and Corrections, DSW4104: Community Practice, DSW3205 Social Work and Aging and DSW2202 Social Problems. Debbie extends a warm welcome to all students and is excited to work with you all. She looks forward to invigorative and rewarding moments. “Every student begins with an A and has the responsibility to maintain that A.”