The Faculty of Social Sciences is the largest constituent of the University of Guyana with over 1900 students enrolled in one (1) associate degree programme, two (2) diploma programmes, eight (8) bachelor programmes and two (2) master level  programmes. The Faculty recognises its dynamic role in fashioning national consciousness and creating research, services, products and graduates of the highest quality who are experientially, practically and attitudinally equipped to position Guyana as a regional and global leader. The ideas of relevance, service, excellence, advancement, personal, intellectual, academic and other freedoms are embraced.

The academic programmes offered in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the undergraduate level are: Associate Degree in Social Work, Diploma in Communication Studies, Diploma in Public Management, Bachelor of Social Science (Communication Studies), Bachelor of Social Science (Economics), Bachelor of Social Science (Business Economics), Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Social Science (International Relations), Bachelor of Social Science (Public Management), Bachelor of Social Science (Social Work) and Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology). The two programmes offered at the graduate level are: Commonwealth Masters in Business Administration and Commonwealth Masters in Public Administration.