How do I contact the Dean of the Faculty?

Please see contact information below:

Dr. Dianna DaSilva-Glasgow

Email address:

Telephone number: 623- 3166

I am having challenges with my registration who do I speak with?

Please speak with the Head of your Department for guidance through the registration process.

How do I contact the Head of my Department?

Please see contact information below for all Departmental Heads and Coordinators within the Faculty

Head of the Department of Economics
Mr. Sydney Armstrong
Email address:

Head of the Department of Government and International Affairs
Mr. Oneil Greaves
Email address:
Telephone number: 623-5018

Head of the Department of Sociology
Ms. Shonnel Enoe- Smith
Telephone number: 624-1320

Coordinator in the Department of Sociology
Dr. Jewel Thomas
Email address:

Head of the Department of Law
Justice Kenneth Benjamin
Email address:
Telephone number: 600-1227

Coordinator in the Law Department
Ms. Excellence Dazzell

Director of the Centre for Communication Studies
Mr. Clarence Brotherson
Email address:
Telephone number: 623-0774

Coordinator in the Centre for Communication Studies
Dr. Carolyn Walcott
Email address:

Head of the Green Institute
Dr. Thomas Singh
Email address:

Director of the Graduate School of the Social Sciences
Dr. Duane Edwards
Email address:

Where do I go for information on applications, grades and transcripts?

The Registry Division deals with all matters pertaining to grades, exam results and transcripts. Please see contact information below. 


Dr. Nigel GravesandeRegistrar
623 1843
Dr. Theodosius VellozaDeputy Registrar623 
Ms. Nickalva WashingtonAssistant Registrar Admission623 1865 / 623 
Ms. Sadio BelleAssistant Registrar Examinations
623 1896 / 620 0016 


Who do I speak with regarding payment of my tuition fees ?

Please make contact with the Bursary Division for all maters related to the payment of student fees:

642 6961 / 623 3111    - 

If I did not get to complete my Diploma/ Degree and would like to resume what I do?

Please make contact with the Head of the relevant Department and express your interest in resuming studies in writing and you will be guided accordingly. 

If I am having challenges with my timetable who do I speak with?

You can speak with any of the Assistant Deans or visit the Faculty‚Äôs Virtual Helpdesk for further information. The contact hours are between 9 am and 6pm. Please see the link below:

I have received my grade and would like to have it reviewed, what should I do?

You should speak firstly with the lecturer. You can also make a request for an official review with the Exams Division, but this must be done within two weeks of the grades being published. It should typically take approximately two months for a review to be completed. 

How are classes held?

The timetable which is published here will indicate the mode of delivery for your classes. 

Can I register for additional courses?

Yes, you may register for additional courses if you have an interest but these will not count towards your graduation but may be reflected on your transcript. 

I am a foreign or out of town student and need guidance on accommodation, visa and general support during my studies, who do I speak with?

You can visit the Student Welfare Division and they will provide you with the necessary support. Please see contact details below:

Ms. Daniella KingAssistant Registrar Student Welfare623