Entry Requirements

Criterion Description
0807- Criterion 9 A minimum of five (5) subjects CXC/CSEC (General Proficiency), grades I, II or III or five (5) passes at GCE "O" level, grades A, B, or C . Subjects must include English Language.
0807-Criterion 2 The Certificate in Industrial Relations and Management from the Institute of Distance & Continuing Education (IDCE).
0807-Criterion 3 An Associate Diploma from the Centre for Communication Studies or any recognized University.
0807-Criterion 4 Three (3) GCE "A" level passes or six (6) CAPE passes at the appropriate grades.
0807-Criterion 5 Prior entry to University, (any programme: Diploma or Degree).
0807-Criterion 6 Mature age (26 years and over) with three (3) or more years experience in the field, together with a pass at the University of Guyana Entrance Examination (UGEE).
0807-Criterion 8 Any qualification considered by the University to be equivalent to any of the above.


First Year
First Year
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Course Credits Remarks
DPC1107 Foundations of Journalism: Logic, Evidence and Research 4
DPC1101 Introduction to Communication Principles 4
DPC1105 Foundations of Journalism: Writing 4
ENG1105 Introduction to the Use of English 4
SOC1100 The Study of Society 3
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Course Credits Remarks
DPC1207 Foundations of Journalism: National and International Institutions 4
DPC1205 Reporting and Writing I: Basic News and Features 4
ENG1205 Use of English 4
SOC1200 Introduction to Sociological Theory 3
DPC1209 Introduction to Media Ethics and Law 4
Second Year
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Course Credits Remarks
DPC2106 Broadcast 1: Introduction to Broadcast Journalism 1, Radio 4
AAA2101 Additional Course (4 Credits) 4
MNG2100 Computer Studies I 4
DPC2109 Reporting and Writing 3: Specialised Journalism (Health and Environment) 4
HST2105 Survey of Guyanese History I 4
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Course Credits Remarks
DPC2204 Online/Multi Media Journalism 4
DPC2209 Reporting and Writing 4: Specialised Journalism (Culture and Development) 4
DPC2206 Broadcast Reporting and Writing 2: Television 4
AAA2201 Additional Course (4 Credits) 4
DPC2205 Reporting and Writing 2: In Depth Journalism 4

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