University of Guyana
Faculty of Social Sciences
Academic year 2023/ 2024


To all new and continuing students, welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences. For new students, congratulations on your hard work and success in being admitted to the University of Guyana and thank you choosing one of our programmes.


In this faculty you will be able to study the world around you and understand how it works and shapes your own existence. We live in a changing world and an evolving job market nationally and globally. The social sciences will equip you to reflect on how those changes affect society and humans. According to former president of the United States, Barack Obama, ‘The social sciences are a critical tool for understanding the complexities and challenges of our world.’ We will give you the skills you need to mature in your critical thinking of how society and humans operate and structure their engagements, as well as skills to allow you to boost your creativity in engaging social matters and flourish as a communicator. Therefore, you will be enabled to remain relevant in a changing world.

As a reaffirmation of that you are in the right field, let me share an exciting insight into the global job market by Michael Macy, the Goldwin Smith Professor of Arts and Sciences in Sociology and Director of the Social Dynamics Laboratory at Cornell university. According to Macy, even in the tech world social scientists are increasingly being engaged because tech companies are interested in ‘things like community, identity, political polarization and ‘fake news’ and they realize that social scientists are more likely to be exposed to the most important research coming out about topics like these.’

This is an exciting period of your life. As you seek to charter your career path, you will be exposed to a new learning environment, new learning approaches. There is so much to look forward to over the next one, two, four or five years that you will be with us. Keep an open mind and be prepared for whatever this journey will throw at you.

To both our new and continuing students, there will be tremendous opportunities to network, lead, discover more about your own passions and talents and develop new skills during your studies. But there will equally be challenges, but they are all part of the maturity process and will help your professional growth. Know that you are moving forward with so much promise and potential. Therefore, approach challenges with confidence and courage.

The faculty leadership is here to support you and make your journey a smoother and more exciting one. The network of support within the faculty also includes student societies within our various departments which exist to enrich your campus experience. Within the wider University community there is also a framework of support. Don’t ever feel you are alone in this journey. Feel free to reach out for guidance and support when the waters appear to get rugged, and we will do our best to quiet your storms and steer you back on course.

Some of our courses will be delivered online, some in a hybrid format and some in-person. Whatever the modality, I encourage you at some point to take the opportunity to explore the campus environment as this is an important element of the University

Cheers and best wishes for a great and productive academic year!


Dianna DaSilva-Glasgow (BSc. MSc. PhD)
Faculty of Social Sciences