Mr. Hector Edwards

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Ms. Diana Gobin

Assistant Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Mr. O'Neil Greaves

Director, Graduate School of Social Sciences

Mr. Hugh Todd

Head, Dept. of Business and Management Studies

Ms. Monica Miller

Head, Department of Sociology

Mr. Carl Singh

Head, Department of Law

Ms. Donna McKinnon

Head, Dept. of Government and International Affairs

Ms. Denise Hopkinson-Braam

Director, Center for Communication Studies

Mr. Sydney Armstrong

Head, Dept. of Economics

Mr. Sukrishnalal Pasha

Senior Lecturer

Ms. Shrijayanti Persaud

Coordinator, Banking & Finance, Lecturer I

Ms. Queenela Cameron

Coordinator, Public Management, Lecturer I

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Faculty of Social Sciences

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